BOSS Blood Drive Nov. 27 & 29

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BOSS Blood Drive Nov. 27 & 29

by: BOSS Torii Station | .
ACS Torii Station | .
published: November 19, 2012

Place: Torii Chapel Annex, Torii Station

Date: November 27 and November 29

Contact your unit BOSS Rep to donate
POC: SGT Lutz, Wyatt
Cell: 080-2733-2303

People may not donate blood if they have . . .

* Returned from Iraq/Afghanistan in the past 12 months

* Returned fron an area north of Seoul in Korea within the past 24 months (to include DMZ Tour)

* Donated blood in the past 56 days

* Received a tattoo, body piercing or acupuncture within the past 12 months

* Received a blood product transfusion within the past 12 months

* Lived in Europe for 6 monsh or longer (cumulative) from 1980-1996 or lived in the U.K. for 3 months or longer (cumulative) from 1980-1996

* Spent time in Eastern or Western Europe or the Middle East (not to include the U.K.) from 1980-presend that adds up to five years

* Traveled recently to a Malaria Endemic Area as defined by the FDA. (Taking malaria prophylaxis is not a reason for deferral. Deferral to be determined by the ASBBC)

* A history of hepatitis after age 11

* Any history of cancer

* Ever engaged in "high risk" behavior or have had intimate contact with anyone at risk for AIDS

* Been pregnant in the past six weeks

* This list encompasses the most popular reasons why a person may be asked NOT to donate blood. If you have any questions regarding blood donation, please contact the ASBBC at 643-7737/7417/7710