Drugged and Drunk Driving Prevention Campaign

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Drugged and Drunk Driving Prevention Campaign

by: III Marine Expeditionary Force/Marine Corps Installations Pacific | .
U.S. Marine Corps | .
published: November 29, 2014

For the month of December, Marine Corps Base Provost Marshal's Office will include additional Safe and Sober Checkpoints, as part of the Joint Service Drugged and Drunk Driving (3D) Campaign.

Every year the number of traffic accidents and fatalities increase significantly around the holiday season. There have been over 200 alcohol related traffic accidents this year in Okinawa resulting in the island having the highest alcohol related traffic accident rate in all of Japan.

From 1 December to 31 December, MCB PMO would like to continue to increase awareness to all SOFA personnel of the dangers and consequences of drugged and drunk driving. We ask that you "Think Before You Drink" and to always have a plan to ensure your safety and the safety of others out there on the road this holiday season.

Violations of MCIPAC Order 5560.1 on or off base can result in NJP, Courts Martial, confinement, revocation of driving privileges, and a traffic citation with a substantial fine (off base only).

For further information regarding the alcohol standards for DUI/DWI, please reference Chapter 4 of MCIPACO 5560.1. Happy Holidays and may EVERYONE make it home safely!!!

POC: Gunnery Sergeant Garza, G. F. at telephone: 645-2448, email: gabriel.f.garza@usmc.mil