Father's Day at the Beach Jun. 17

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Father's Day at the Beach Jun. 17

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published: June 12, 2018

Okinawa Father’s Day Cookie Bake-Off Rules

Official Rules and Regulations for the Okinawa Cookie Bake-Off to take place at 1800 on Sunday 17 June 2018:

The following rules are to be adhered to by all Bake-Off contestants, chair people, cooks, judges and/or assistants.

1. The Cookie Bake-Off is open to anyone who wishes to participate.

2. Cookies may vary in type, and there is no exact right or wrong form for a cookie.

3. All entries must be pre-cooked and/or treated prior to the event. Cookies are to be brought “ready-to-eat.”

4. Contestants are responsible for supplying all of their own utensils and products relating to their cookie submission, as well as maintenance of the proper temperature for serving.

5. Each contestant must cook four (4) dozen cookies for eating and tasting: one (1) dozen for tasting and three (3) dozen for voting.

6. The decision of the judges is final. Judging will be based on the number of voting cookies eaten and the speed at which the three (3) dozen cookies disappear. Each contestant is responsible for policing and cleaning up the area at the end of the day and for removing all items from the area. No items will be allowed to remain after the close of the Bake-Off. Each person attending the Father’s Day Service at the Beach may eat two (2) cookies as a means of voting.

7. In case of potential allergies, a clearly written list of all ingredients must be provided for each entry.

8. The winner will receive a $30.00 AAFES Gift card.

For more information please call the Chaplain at 080-6483-7664 or e-mail at Edward.s.harris.mil@mail.mil