Happy ending to typhoon rescue story at Kadena

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Happy ending to typhoon rescue story at Kadena

by: United States Army Garrison Okinawa | .
U.S. Army | .
published: July 14, 2014

The two guards were inside their gate shack, doing their duty, and everything was relatively normal. It was raining hard, but the drainage system was working normally so there was no problem.

All of the sudden, a literal wall of water came out of nowhere and hit the guard shack without warning. It's possible that a drainage pump somewhere failed, or possibly the storm chose that moment to dump an enormous amount of water on the already saturated airfield. In any case, the wall of water that hit them was nearly waist deep, and it was flowing directly against the door, jamming it shut.

The pressure from the rapidly rising water was so great that they couldn't get the door open, so they quickly placed a call for help. Their rescuers cut a hole in the roof of the guard shack to get the men out.

At that point in time, they had only a few inches of clearance between the water line and the ceiling. They are damned lucky that the water didn't rise any higher, or they would have both probably drowned. They are also damned lucky that the first responders on the scene were so quick to respond, make a plan, and cut them free.

This was a freak accident which fortunately had a happy ending.