Okinawa bases urge troops to 'Protect What You've Earned'

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Okinawa bases urge troops to 'Protect What You've Earned'

by: John Mark Soriano | .
U.S. Marine Corps | .
published: February 04, 2017

As the military community across Okinawa got ready for the Super Bowl weekend, volunteer Marines and Sailors from Marine Wing Headquarters Squadron 1, and III MEF Commands stayed behind and displayed some positive messages and safety reminders for those heading off-base.

The “Protect What You've Earned Long Weekend Send Off Campaign” is a coordinated event between volunteers representing different military bases on Okinawa. Signs seen on Camp Foster during the campaign included:

Protect What You've Earned
Control What You Own
Do not forget your ID / Liberty Card
Have a Liberty Buddy
Don't Drink, Don't Drive
Have a Plan
Have a Safe Weekend
Drink Responsibly

Coordinating Officials plans to continue the campaign before long holiday weekends all throughout the year.

Be smart out there!