Preparing for bugs, rodents and snakes

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Preparing for bugs, rodents and snakes

by: Airman 1st Class Hailey Davis | .
18th Wing | .
published: May 10, 2013

KADENA AIR BASE, Japan - As the summer months creep up on Okinawa, insects and other pests make their way out of their hibernating areas and into the community.

Warmer weather brings more outside activity within the community, and more activity with various insects and rodents.

"When it rains, insects get flooded out from where they normally are, and they usually come up into the houses," said Tech. Sgt. Marc Sullivan, 18th Civil Engineer Squadron pest management NCO in charge.

Roaches, ants and rodents like mice and rats are just a few of the pests that emerge as temperatures get warmer.

"One thing residents can do to prevent infestations is to keep toys and things they leave in the yards clean," Sullivan said. "Keep vegetation low, and if you see a (pest) let the pest management flight know so we can take care of it."

Sullivan added that with the presence of rats and other rodents, the Okinawa-native snake, the Habu, follows.

The Habu feeds on rodents such as rats and mice, and can be found in mountainous, rocky or grassy areas within Okinawa. If someone is bit by a Habu, or any snake, they should seek medical attention immediately.

"For snakes, usually when they are around the houses it's because of what they are eating," he said. "If you see a Habu, stay away from it."

More preventative measures residents can take are to head to the self-help store and purchase bug repellants for ants, spiders and roaches. Residents can also use caulk or screens in order to keep bugs out. If they see holes or cracks in their homes, contact housing maintenance to get the issues fixed.

With the upcoming typhoon season and warmer weather, people should remember to keep an eye out for insects and other pests, and contact the pest management flight if they see rodents or snakes.