Road Tax Reminder

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Road Tax Reminder

by: U.S. Army Garrison Okinawa | .
U.S. Army | .
published: May 23, 2015

ROAD TAX REMINDER: Pay your road tax at Havana's May 28 from 0930 until 1530. The road tax must be paid in Japanese Yen only.

License Plate Category 40/400, 50/500, 77/78 .........Y7,500
License Plate Category 33/300 (4,500 cc and below) ...Y19,000
License Plate Category 33/300 (above 4,500 cc) .......Y22,000
License Plate Category 11/100, 88/800 ................Y32,000

*NOTE* - All Documents must be original (COPIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED).

Doors may close before scheduled time based on number of customers in line.
All vehicles not de-registered before 1 April must pay road tax.
All vehicles must display a 2015 Road Tax Sticker before 1 June 2015.