Senior Non Commissioned Officer win 10th Regional Support Group Championship 20-19

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Senior Non Commissioned Officer win 10th Regional Support Group Championship 20-19

by: Yukio Kuniyuki, Major, USARJ, Okinawa | .
10th Regional Support Group | .
published: March 05, 2013

On a cool Okinawan morning, the Senior Non-Commissioned Officers (SNCOs)—E-7 and higher—defeated the Enlisted—E-4 and below—in a hard fought football contest to determine the 10th Regional Support Group (RSG) Football Championship.  

Previously, the SNCOs soundly defeated the Officer team at Renegade Landing Zone on Torii Station in December.  In January, the Enlisted trounced the Non-Commissioned Officers at the Torii Station football field to advance to the championship game.

The SNCOs scored quickly on their first possession.  With a near perfect game plan to start, Command Sgt. Maj. Shelton Williamson scored the first touchdown on a pass from 1st Sgt. Michael Youngs.  The Enlisted Team had a rough start on their first possession and did not score. 

The Enlisted forced the SNCOs to turn over the ball on downs in the next series and employed a speedy running attack to strike swiftly, led by Spc. Russell Dillard.  Spc. Jason Harnasch scored on a pass delivered by Dillard into the end zone.  Later, Spc. Brandon Smith skillfully avoided a flag grab at the 20-yard line to glide into the end zone uncontested.
When it seemed the SNCOs had lost their steam, Youngs handed the ball to Master Sgt. Lonnie Williams who ran 40 yards down field.  Spc. Kenneth Abrego grabbed Williams’s flag at the two yard line to prevent a touchdown.  On the next play, Youngs kept the ball and ran it in for six.  The concluding extra point would be critical to the eventual outcome. 

The Enlisted countered just as quickly, Dillard used his legs to score a touchdown in an effortless display of raw talent.   

In the next series of possessions, controversy settled in as the gridiron battle ebbed and flowed with mounting penalties on the Enlisted.  The Enlisted had two touchdowns—which would have sealed the victory—negated due to penalties in the final minutes of the game.  As a result, the SNCOs walked away from the field as victors in the first 10th RSG Football Championship with a final score 20-19.