Spouses network, connect at Jane Wayne Day

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Spouses network, connect at Jane Wayne Day

by: Lance Cpl. Henry J. Antenor | .
published: June 07, 2013

Camp Hansen, Okinawa, Japan -- WHUMP! Was the sound of a punch as it landed on the striking pad that echoed throughout the gym as Kana St. Clair prepared to land another crushing blow. St. Clair was just one of a number of spouses who participated in the 3rd Battalion, 12th Marine Regiment’s, Jane Wayne Day May 31 at Camp Hansen.

Marines with 3rd Bn., 12th Marines, 3rd Marine Division, III Marine Expeditionary Force, invited their spouses to participate in the battalion’s Jane Wayne event to boost understanding between each other and build camaraderie among the service members’ spouses.

“The overall objective for having a Jane Wayne Day is to bring our spouses together, so they can meet each other and network,” said Lt. Col. Jason P. Brown, the commanding officer of 3rd Bn., 12th Marines. “When Marines deploy, we leave our spouses behind. Although the Marine Corps has tremendous programs to help them during our absence, the wives can support each other better than any program. Having this firsthand-knowledge on how we as Marines operate will help too.”

The spouses participated in several events throughout the day and got into the spirit of the event by applying camouflage face paint, donning flak jackets, and wearing Kevlar helmets.

“I would recommend this to others because it helps us meet the spouses here and build the rapport we need to have in case our service members deploy,” said Kelly Dorcemus, a Marine spouse.

One of the activities the spouses participated in was a MCMAP training session.

They practiced myriad strikes and weapon drills consisting of punches, kicks, knee strikes, elbow strikes and baton techniques.

“I am a MCMAP instructor, and seeing my wife take part in what I do made me proud,” said Staff Sgt. Mark A. Dorcemus, a field artillery cannoneer with 3rd Bn., 12th Marines. “With her being here, she gets a better understanding of what Marines go through when they train in MCMAP.”

The MCMAP portion of Jane Wayne Day built cohesion among the spouses and a sense of the solidarity that is critical to Marines’ success when deployed, according to Staff Sgt. Dorcemus.

“If I ever deploy, she and I will have a similar support system of close friends to help us through difficult times,” said Staff Sgt. Dorcemus.
After departing the MCMAP training area, the spouses dined at the mess hall, took pictures of static artillery displays, and went to the supporting arms virtual trainer.

The SAV-T gives Marines the ability to simulate live-fire artillery missions without having to use actual weapons in field conditions, according to Cpl. John B. Black, a fire support man with 3rd Bn., 12th Marines.

After a demonstration of how the SAV-T works, the spouses called-in fire missions and watched the simulated results on a screen.
“The SAV-T simulates a battlefield where the spouses are placed in a forward-observer position,” said Brown. “This aids in understanding how the different parts of an artillery battalion work together.”

As the day ended, many felt the event allowed Marines and their spouses to grow closer together based on the new understanding of the necessary training needed for a successful deployment, according to Brown.

“I consider 3rd Bn., 12th Marines, to be a family,” said Brown. “Not only do the Marines work together every day as a family, but the spouses and children are just as much a part of us too. This event brings all of us closer together. It gives us an opportunity to strengthen that family bond, and to make the entire unit better through common understanding.”