Torii Station

Torii Station

Army 2019 OCS Hall of Fame Nominations

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August 11, 2018

2019 Army Officer Candidate School Hall of Fame Nominations.

Nominations are being accepted for the Army 2019 OCS Hall of Fame.

Soldiers with 10th Support Group (Regional) work alongside Australian Customs Agents to in-process Soldiers of 76th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, Indiana National Guard as they enter Australia through the Rockhampton Airport June 13. The Soldiers participate in exercise Hamel 2018.  10th SG(R), routinely participates in exercises of this nature to maintain readiness and test systems, train personnel and gain valuable real time experience to support contingencies operations in the Indo-Pacific Region.

Down under; 10th SG(R) supports Hamel 18

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July 26, 2018

TORII STATION, Okinawa, Japan -- Acting as the higher headquarters and logistic taskforce for the 76th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (IBCT), Indiana National Guard, 30 Soldiers...

How to keep fit and healthy on the road

August 02, 2018
Even the most disciplined exercisers face fitness hurdles when traveling: from varied schedules to unhealthy foods to the lack of fitness equipment.
Torii Station
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