Tsunami warning system testing

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Tsunami warning system testing

by: MCIPAC Emergency Management | .
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published: January 31, 2013

Every Friday at noon, beginning Feb. 1, the following bilingual announcement of the tsunami warning test will be heard across all Marine Corps installations and White Beach Naval Facility: “The following is a test of the tsunami warning system, this is only a test,” followed by an audible tone lasting 15 seconds. The test will conclude by announcing, “this concludes the test of the tsunami warning system. Test complete.”

At noon, on the last Friday of each month, the test of the tsunami warning alert, which would signify a real-world warning, will include the test notification above, followed by, “Okinawa is under a tsunami warning, mandatory evacuation of all facilities in low-lying coastal areas has been ordered. All personnel should seek safe haven immediately.” The alert will be followed by a three-minute tone, then the test notification again, ending with, “test complete.”

  • Test: Every Friday at noon audibly activating test message
  • Alert: Last Friday of every month at noon the following sequence will be heard: test message, then alert message, then test message
  • Where: All Marine Corps installations and White Beach Naval Facility