Wow! Look at all the fun events happening on Okinawa!

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Wow! Look at all the fun events happening on Okinawa!

by: Stripes Okinawa | .
published: August 18, 2018

Editor's note: There's some great events coming up, so get off base and check them out! (This was updated Aug. 18)

EXPLORE THE CAVE IN THE SOUTHERN ISLAND:  Through Sept. 30; July 14-Aug.31 Mon.-Fri. at 10 and 11 a.m.; Sat., Sun., holidays at 10, 11 a.m., & 2 p.m.; Sept. 1-30, Mon-Fri at 10 a.m.; Sat., Sun., holidays at 10 a.m. & 1 p.m.; Caving in the Cave Gyoku Sendo; 3,000 yen fees and 1,000 yen for caving gear rental; Children below 4th grade must be accompanied by a guardian; 3,000 yen for a married couple on July, Aug., Sept. 22; reservation required; parking available; 098-949-7421;

NIGHT ZOO SATUR-ZOO NIGHT: Okinawa Zoo & Museum will be open until 9 p.m. every Saturday from late July and throughout summer break; 098-933-4190; admissions: adults-500 yen, junior high-high school students-200 yen, K-6-100 yen, 3 years old and younger-free; 098-933-4190;

SOUTHERN ISLAND STAR FESTIVAL 2018: Aug. 11-19; A week full of stargazing events on Ishigaki Island; free admission; reservations required for some events; 098-082-1535;

ONNA-SON RESORT FES TANCHA IN RIZZAN: Aug. 17-26, 4-10 p.m., enjoy summer nights at Rizzan-Sea-Park Hotel in Onna-son; 098-862-7580;

KUNIGAMISON FESTIVAL: Aug. 18-19; stage live performances, Ha-Ri- (dragon boat race); fireworks, etc.; at Kunigami Middle School; free admission; 098-041-2101. * Event details will be finalized in early July.

19TH IZENA SHOEN-OH FESTIVAL: Aug. 18-19, 9 a.m.-10 p.m.; children’s soccer, Ha-Ri-, character show, live music, fireworks, etc.; at the Izenason Rinkai Fureai Park; free admission; 098-045-2534.

ZAMAMI ISLAND FESTIVAL: Aug. 18, 6-9 p.m.; Eisa, Ryukyu dance, Hawaiian Hula dance, band performances, fireworks, various food stands at the Zamami Port Terminal Square; free admission; 098-896-4321;

NISHIME ALL-ISLAND SUMO & EISA: Aug. 19; Sumo and Eisa at the Nshime Bull Ring; free admission; 098-896-7010;

HATERUMA ISLAND MUSHA-MA: Aug. 24; island’s biggest event that prays for the bumper year and the islanders’ safety; costume parade, dance; at the Hateruma Public Hall; 098-082-5445;

KUME ISLAND KYUBON EISA: Aug. 24-25; On Okinawa, obon is commemorated according to the lunar calendar; Eisa is the Buddhist incantation using chanting, drumbeating, and dancing; Eisa can be seen throughout the island for these days; 098-896-7010;

HESHIKIYA EISA EVENING: Aug. 25-26, 6 p.m.; at Uragahama Park; 098-978-2231.

24TH TAKASHIHO ODORI EISA PARADISE: Aug. 26, 3-6 p.m.; at Yomitan-son Takashiho Odori (Prefectural Road #6); 098-958-6494.

Kadena Eisa Festival (Shinmachi Street): Aug. 26, 6:20 - 10 p.m., 098-956-2810.

63TH OKINAWA ZENTO EISA FESTIVAL: Aug. 31-Sept. 2; Biggest Eisa events for 3 days-Eisa Parade on Goya Crossroad 6-9 p.m., Aug. 31, Okinawa City Youth Festival at the Okinawa City Koza Sports Park 3-9 p.m. Sept. 1, Okinawa Zento Eisa at the Okinawa City Koza Sports Park 3-9 p.m., Sept. 2; free admission, fees (1,000-2,500 yen) apply for box seats; 098-937-3986;

NISHIME WHOLE ISLAND SUMO, NISHIME EISA: Aug. 21-Sept. 2; at the old Nishime Bullring; free admission; 098-896-7010;

ORION BEER FEST 2018: Sept. 1-2, 3:30-9 p.m.; enjoy factory-fresh beer and live music performance at Goza Athletic Park Sub Ground; free admission; no parking lot available; 098-877-4511.

13TH URUMA CITY EISA FESTIVAL: Sept. 8-9, 4-9 p.m., eve Friday: Sept. 7, 6:50-9 p.m.; at Uruma City Multi-purpose Park Athletics Field; 098-923-7612;

22ND GINOWAN CITY YOUTH EISA FESTIVAL: Sept. 8-9, 5-9 p.m.; at Ginowan City Square; 098-893-4431.

AUGUST'S DANCE: Sept. 17-19, 10 a.m.-8 p.m.; Tarama Island harvest festival that takes place Aug. 8-10 in the Lunar calendar; several dances with over 400 years of history; at Ntabaru Ugan and Pitumata Ugan; free admisssion; parking available; 098-079-2260;,

TUBARA-MA: Sept. 22, 6:50-9:30 p.m.; Music competition of traditional folk song-Turaba-ma; takes place on Lunar calendar's Aug. 13; at Shinei Park (Ishigaki City Public Hall in case of rain); free admission; no parking lots available; 098-082-1515.

HARVEST FESTIVAL: Sept. 22, 3-7 p.m., 23, 8 a.m.-10 p.m.; March from Minami Daito-son Village Office to Daito Jingu with Mikoshi and Dashi; On the 23rd, dedicatory sumo and other entertainment; free admission; 098-022-2037;

33RD KITANAKAGUSUKU SHIOSAI FESTIVAL & 2018 Young Man EISA FESTIVAL: Sept. 22-23, 2-9 p.m.; at Nakagusuku-son Shiosai Park; free parking lot available; 098-935-2233;

DAITOGU FESTIVAL: Sept. 22, 3 p.m., 23, 9 a.m.; Biggest event on Kita Daito Island; on the 22nd, Mikoshi parade and fireworks; on the 23rd, harvest prayer ceremony and dedicatory sumo, and other entertaining performances; at Daitogu Shrine; free admission; parking available up to 50 spots; 098-023-4001;

29TH NAGO CITY YOUTH EISA FESTIVAL: Sept. 23, 5-9 p.m.; at 21st Century Forest Park; 098-053-5429.

KANEGUSUKU SHISHIMAI: Sept. 24; Event with over 200 years of history to exorcize and pray for bumper crops; in Kanegusuku Village on Kume Island; free admission; no parking available; 098-896-7010;

CHIBANA USUDE-KU: Sept. 24, 3-5 p.m.; Event with over 300 years of history-women wearing traditional crafts, "Chibana Hanaori" dance to exorcize and pray for bumper crops; at Chibana Kamiya and Chibana Public Hall second floor; free admission; parking available up to 6 spots; 098-937-4516.

ITOMAN GIANT TUG-OF-WAR: Sept. 24, 8:30 a.m.-6 p.m., Parade starts at 2 p.m.; at between Itoman Rotary (Itoman Elementary School) and Hakugindo; parking lots available; 098-840-8135;

KUME ISLAND HAWAIIAN FESTIVAL 2018: Sept. 28-29, 7-9 p.m.; at Cypress Resort Kumejima on the 28th and Resort Hotel Kume Island on the 29th; 098-985-3260.

KAJIMAYA: Sept. 29, 7 p.m.; Performance Show by powerful Okinawan elders; Advance tickets-2,000 yen for adults, 2,500 yen at the door; 1,000 yen for children for both advance and at the door; at Music Town Otoichiba; 098-932-1949;

41ST GINOWAN HAGOROMO MATSURI: Sept. 29 & 30; 1,000 fireworksm, Eisa, live music and dance performances, etc. at Ginowan Kaihin Koen Tamokuteki Hiroba (multi-purpose square); free admission; parking lots available; 098-968-5125;
4TH ONNA VILLAGE CHURAUMI FIREWORKS FESTIVAL: Oct. 6; 5,000 fireworks display at Moon Beach Special Site, along with live performances; 098-966-2893; 10-minute ride from Ishikawa I.C. on Okinawa Express;
38TH NOGUNI SOUKAN FESTIVAL: Oct. 6-7; Festivities to pay tribute Soukan Noguni, who started sweet potato cultivation about 400 years ago; calling sweet potato "Noguni Potato" during the festival and promote Kadena, birthplace of Japanese sweet potato; events include live music performance, potato field, sumo, etc.; free admission; no parking available; 098-956-1111.
WORLD BEER FEST OKINAWA OCTOBERFEST 2018: Oct. 13, 3-9 p.m., Oct. 14, 2-8 p.m.; taste craft beer, and varieties of beer from around the world, along with gourmet food by local farmers; Chatan Fisherina; free admission; 098-911-2278.
39TH KIN-CHO FESTIVAL: Oct. 13-14, 10 a.m.-9 p.m.; featuring Okinawa traditional sumo, live performances, character mascots and more, also fireworks display starts at 8:45 p.m.; Kin Reginal Park and Kin Chuo Kominkan (community center); 60-minute ride from Naha Airport; 098-968-2111;
42ST OKINAWA SANGYO FESTIVAL: Oct. 19-21, 10 a.m.-8 p.m.; introducing agricultural, marine, woodcraft and pottery products made on Okinawa, along with live music and eisa performances at Onoyama Park and Okinawa Budokan, free admission; 5-minute ride from Naha Airport; 098-859-6191;
9TH ZAKIMIGUSUDORI FUREAI MATSURI: Oct. 21, stage performances, charity auction, food stands, at Zakimi Community Center, Zakimigusudori, Zakimi Castle; shuttle bus from parking lot available; free admission; 098-958-2228.
33RD GOZA KEASHIBI CONCERT: Oct. 24; 6-9 p.m.; tickets: 1,500 yen for advance tickets and 1,800 yen at the door; at Okinawa Zoo & Museum; 098-933-4190.
7TH VOICE HEARING IN ITOMAN: Oct. 27; 20 singers who qualified for the event, sing Tubara-ma, a lyrical song in Yaeyama; event was founded to deepen exchanges between Itoman and Yaeyama in 2005 and is held every other year; at Michinoeki Itoman; free admission; free parking lot available; 098-851-8752.
44TH YOMITAN MATSURI: Oct. 27-28, featuring children’s plays, dance performances, concerts, fireworks at Yomitanson Athletic Park; free admission; parking available; 098-982-9201;
26TH GINOZA-SON (VIILLAGE) FESTIVAL & 3RD GINOZA-SON CHURA FIREWORKS FESTIVAL: Oct. 27-28; featuring traditional live stages, children’s dance, youth eisa-dance, Okinawa sumo, haunted house and 1,000 fireworks display at Ginoza-son Rural Park; free admission; 098-968-5125;
41ST UREASOE TEDAKO FESTIVAL: Oct. 27-28; Teda-meaning sun in Okinawan dialect and Ko-meaning child; Urasoe used to be Ryukyu's capital and the king's father was believed to be the sun in the Okinawa legend; hence, this is to celebrate ancient king; events include youth Eisa, Tedako Ha-ri-, fireworks, etc.; at Urasoe Athletic Park; free admission; 098-876-1234;
33RD ALL OF OKINAWA ISLANDS LION DANCE FESTIVAL: Oct. 28, 6 p.m.; lion dance teams throughout Okinawa get together at Uruma City Agena Bullring; free admission; free shuttle bus available between 4-9:30 p.m. from Uruma Shimin Geijyutsu Gekijo; 098-923-7182;
TAKETOMIJIMA TANADUI: in October, festival dedicated to sowing in the sacred land; at Yumuchion on Taketomijima; free admission; 098-082-5445;
SHIP OF THE RYUKYU: Oct. 3 through 2019, Feb. 17, stage performance of Okinawan traditional performing arts, including Okinawa Karate and Eisa; at Tenbusu Hall and Palette Civic Theater; tickets: 2,500 yen for adults, 2,000 yen for high school students and younger; free for preschoolers; no parking available; 098-987-0926;