Arts Extravaganza in Action

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Arts Extravaganza in Action

by: Wendy Miller and Angie Fino, Stearley Heights Elementary School | .
published: March 29, 2013

The Stearley Heights Elementary School Arts Extravaganza on Friday, March 22, 2013 was a successful evening of fine arts.  The visual displays included pottery wheels, spin art, portrait drawing, spray paint art, balloon art, and student work.  The performing arts showcased the Ryukyu Middle School Jazz Band and World Drummers.  There were Hawaiian Dancers and Hoola Hoop artists.  A wonderful harpist provided soothing music in the background as students and families moved from one station to another outside in the courtyard and in the building.  Halls were filled with music, laughter, phenomenal weaving projects made by our very own 4th and 5th grade students.   Singers included blues, country, and gospel styles.  A rock-n-roll band jammed while a Latino group offered another flavor to the “walk in the park” venue. 

The SHES PTO provided a hot dog meal and SHES Student Council had a bake sale for dessert.  The weather was lovely where about 200 individuals took part of this event.  Okinawa DoDDS Superintendent, Mr. Michael Thompson indicated that, “This evening is excellent and shows students’ talents.”   This was another fine community event organized by Ms. Kay Kinghorn, Art educator and Ms. Wendy Miller, Music educator.