Ballet Folklorico de Okinawa performs at Stearley Heights

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Ballet Folklorico de Okinawa performs at Stearley Heights

by: Angie Fino | .
published: October 22, 2012

For the fifth consecutive year, the Ballet Folklorico de Okinawa performed cultural dances at Stearley Heights Elementary School on Oct. 17.

The performances were held to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month (observed from Sept. 15 – Oct. 15). The Ballet Folklorico de Okinawa has performed on Okinawa for more than 30 years. The dance group currently has 40 volunteers, including local nationals, who come together to dance traditional Mexican Folklore dances.

Kindergarten student, Amber Coy, her 4th-grade sister Makayla and second-grader Emily Suarez are all SHES students who are members of the Ballet Folklorico. The girls “had a blast” dancing “La Raspa” (from Jalisco) with their friends, fellow dancers, and teachers as they shared and celebrated their own unique culture.

Geoff Hunt, Spanish teacher at Stearley, organized this year’s event to give all SHES students and families the opportunity to experience this rich and diverse culture. Hunt firmly believes in using music and dance to support learning Spanish in the elementary schools. Other dances performed included the “Huateque” from Vera Cruz and “Los Machetes” from Jalisco.

If you or your children are interested in joining this international and family oriented group that is dedicated to sharing Mexican culture, please contact: