Is It Worth It?

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Is It Worth It?

by: Caylin Smith | .
Casey American School | .
published: April 01, 2013

My life, it is hard.
Is it worth it?
Moving to unknown countries.
Lost connections from previous friends.
Separation of loved ones to distant lands.
Places memories made unable to go back again.
Events unable to attend.
My life, it is hard.
Is it worth it?
Experiences that few people have.
Knowledge gained in a regular day.
New people to meet, to share stories with.
Many new places to travel.
Reuniting of family in foreign countries.
My life, it is hard;
But totally worth it.

We have already received a number of great essay submissions from children about what it is like to be a military child, and we posted them online at We’re also running them throughout April in Stripes Kanto, which hits the streets on Thursdays.

If you have a story to tell, go to and enter your submission. Or you can send it to

What we’re looking for:

  • The essays can be short or long.
  • They can be first-person.
  • If children want to write a poem, that is great!
  • If younger children want to draw pictures and write a sentence or two, that is fine.
  • If children and/or families have photos they’d like to share, we’d love to have them as well.