Kadena students learn dangers of drug use during Red Ribbon Week

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Kadena students learn dangers of drug use during Red Ribbon Week

by: Story and Photo courtesy of DoDEA-Pacific | .
DoDEA-Pacific | .
published: October 31, 2012

Red Ribbon Week at Kadena Middle School included Spirit Week, a Wheel Away from Drugs game and a door decorating contest. To kick off spirit week there was a school wide assembly in the gym where students learned the origins of Red Ribbon Week and why it is so important.

In the cafeteria daily there was a multi-colored wheel to spin, colors were matched to topics and students answered questions about different types of drugs to win a prize. Topics included: alcohol, inhalants, smoking, prescription medication and bonus questions about the history of Red Ribbon Week. Prizes included pens, pencils, wrist bands, key chains, glow bracelets and water bottles.

Spirit week this year included five themed days. Monday was the Red Ribbon Week theme “The Best Me is Drug Free” and everyone wore red for the assembly. Tuesday’s theme was “Too Smart for Drugs”, so pocket protectors, glasses and suspenders were in abundance. Wednesday’s theme was “Sock-it to Drugs”, crazy socks were everywhere. Thursday’s theme was “Doing Drugs is Crazy”, not a matching outfit could be found, everyone was tacky. Friday’s theme was “Teaming up against Drugs”, if you have a favorite team you could find their Jersey on this day!

To round out the week each seminar was given the opportunity to decorate their classroom door, gaining inspiration from this year’s theme. Dave Ralston, a popular local musician and substance abuse counselor judged the 8th grade doors. Doug Detwiler, our MFLC counselor judged the 7th grade doors, and Emi Fryar, an NJHS student judged the 6th grade doors.

In all Red Ribbon Week was highly celebrated at Kadena Middle School and students were able to learn about how and why Red Ribbon Week is important and also some facts about drug and alcohol abuse. Students and faculty had fun with the themed days and the message “The Best Me is Drug Free” was spread around the school.