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Military Child

by: Elliot Evans | .
Sullivans Elementary School | .
published: April 11, 2013

My name is Elliot. I lived in London for three and a half years! When I lived in London every Saturday would be called adventure day because my mom would teach at home and so we (my brother, my dad and I) had to go somewhere. And because we lived in London every single time we went somewhere new!

One of my favorite places to go was a transportation museum! It had loads of old fashioned trains and really cool double-decker buses that you can go into! I have also gotten to visit Ireland, Scotland and Wales, but always with my whole family (my Mom, my Dad, my Brother, and I).

In Ireland my family and I went to the Bay of Dingle and met a dolphin. We also took a carriage ride through Killarney National Park. In Scotland we went to Loch Ness and stayed in the Highlands. We also went to some castles. And in Wales we visited the "Doctor Who?" Museum. That was really cool! We also went to the Wales Country life open air museum. Duty stations like London make me happy I'm a military child!