Volleyball club serves up good will the Philippines

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Kelsey Rogers scoops out food for one of the many kids in line at Tent City.
Kelsey Rogers scoops out food for one of the many kids in line at Tent City.

Volleyball club serves up good will the Philippines

by: Kelsey Rogers | .
published: August 22, 2013

The Shisa Volleyball Club had previously traveled on two international trips to compete in the Shieh Tournament in Guam, but this year, they went from a country like any other to a country like no other: The Philippines.

Shisa Volleyball Club worked with an organization created by Jeff Long and his family called Kim International Ministries, or K.I.M., which helps with the less fortunate, and welcomes anyone to join them. Missionaries from around the world join Jeff and his family in Manila to help the community.

Rachel Rush, who had just returned from another missionary with The World Race said, “I traveled to eleven countries to help out places like this, but none of them compared to the people here. I had to come back.”

Jeff Long provided many opportunities to go out and befriend locals, and the club jumped on every one. The first night the girls arrived, they joined a couple of the veterans at a local orphanage. The girls joined the kids in conversations about Justin Bieber, while some got their hair styled by the young Filipina girls.

The following morning, Shisa journeyed with K.I.M. to a village called Tent City, a community for the hundreds of families whose homes were wiped out in 2009 by a series of typhoons. As the van drove to the feeding spot, kids of all ages ran behind with their cups, bowls or anything else that could hold the soup in hand. Some girls grabbed spoons and started filling the random containers, and others helped hand out vitamins to the mothers and older children.

The Club went to multiple feedings, but the second time, they brought more than just food and vitamins. With stacks of clothes in hand, pairs walked around the village while children wearing nothing but a smile would greet them excitedly. Kids that were completely naked would be content with just getting an item of clothing. As the children would gain garments, the surrounding observers of the village would smile and clap for them as they would go back to playing with an even bigger smile than when they had first come.

Ameyna Jackson, a senior on the volleyball team said, “The kids would grab your arms as you helped them step into their shorts, which for most was the only thing they were wearing, and it was just so rewarding that we could make any regular day for them feel like Christmas just by clothing them.”

Another outreach opportunity was visiting Josie’s Angels, a former school dorm transformed by Josie Long into a place where abused girls have a chance for a better life surrounded by people who care about them. The team joined them in a household ritual of singing religious songs and praying, then they hung out with the girls. They were given a tour of the house, jumped on the trampoline outside, gossiped about their celebrity crushes, and most of all, made new friends.

The following day, some of the girls from Josie’s Angels were re-welcomed by the Shisa team at their school. Each girl had two students who they tutored in English, while the coach went to a class and taught a math in English.

Somehow in-between all of this, the club still had time to squeeze in some volleyball. They played against Faith Academy, ISM, International School Manila, and Brent Academy, another international school in the Philippines. The final two days of the trip were spent in Taiwan, where the Club played in a tournament hosted by Morrison Academy.

The tournament consisted of Morrison Academy, two Taiwanese college teams, and the Shisa Volleyball Club. The Shisa season starts up after the high school season is over, and ends prior to the start of school.

This trip wouldn’t have been possible without the financial support from the American Women’s Welfare Association (AWWA) and the Shisa Juniors’ involvement in fundraising throughout the entire club season. The opportunity to help such an important cause may only happen once in a lifetime; the club is already talking about returning the following year, but with more clothes and supplies for the children.

For more information, contact Shisa Volleyball Club at: shisavolleyballclub@gmail.com