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An inquisitive goat has a look at the humans visiting Okinawa Zoo and Museum in Okinawa City, Japan. (MATTHEW M. BURKE/STARS AND STRIPES)

Okinawa Zoo will make you animals lovers

My year-old son let out a series of ear-piercing shrieks as we turned into Okinawa City’s Goya district on a recent sunny day. He then began to...

Photo courtesy of Forest Adventure Onna

Zipppeedeedoodaaaa!!!!!!! Zip lining a blast in Japan!


I yelled in delight as I zipped from tree to tree through the mountain forest. I was Tarzan and I had no fear.

I’m a big fan...

Photos by Shoji Kudaka

Okinawa water course will leave you slippin' & slidin'!

Laughs of joy could be heard everywhere.
“Ha ha ha!”
“Oh my god! I am just gonna crawl!”
Photos by Takiguchi Takahiro

Step into the Showa era with trip to Ome

Located on the west end of Tokyo, one hour from Yokota Air Base, Ome is an attractive town filled with nostalgia, traditional buildings, cartoon...

Survival of the quietest: Flying with kids

Ok, maybe I’m bragging … but our daughter has been to 27 countries in 6 years. Considering we only have one child, this is fairly easy for us to...

Smoke stack near White Beach offers historic, scenic views

There’s a spot on Okinawa where you might not see many people, but it offers a picture prefect view and an intriguing historical insight for...

Oki Sneaker Con 2018 coming June 2

Kris Drone realizes there can be a language gap between the U.S. military community and the locals on Okinawa.
One way to...

Paintball field near White Beach a total blast!

Do you paintball? If so, Navy MWR Okinawa has the fields for you!
Formerly X-Splat Paintball, Jungle Raid Paintball is now...
Photos by Shoji Kudaka

Explore the center of Okinawan pottery in Naha

While many resort hotels on Okinawa’s west coast might offer an ocean view, Hyatt Regency Naha has a little something different.

Off-road adventure you have to try on Okinawa

Off-roading is fun, but may not be easy to come by if you are not the owner of a nice SUV or ATV. But here on Okinawa there is a place where a...

International Destinations: There are so many things to do in Coron

When I first stepped out into Busuanga’s airport in Coron, Palawan, I immediately felt like I was in the movie The Beach and Leonardo DiCaprio...