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Map of East China Sea locating disputed islands claimed by both Japan and China.   MCT

What travelers should know about China's air defense zone

SINGAPORE — China has sparked an increase in tensions with neighboring countries by establishing an air defense identification zone over waters...

View of the hotel from the golf course (Photo courtesy of Senén Germade)

Motobu Green-Park Hotel: Great place to relax on Okinawa

After several weeks in Japan I had finally made my way to Okinawa. My first stop was the town of Motobu, located on the peninsula of the same name...

Statues of Kim Il Sung (left) and Kim Jong Il (right) at Mansudae in Pyongyang. North Koreans gather in front of the statues to lay flowers and bow, showing their respect for the late and current leader. Tourists visiting North Korea are expected to do the same.

What can tourists expect when visiting North Korea?

(CNN) -- The tour bus bounces along one of North Korea's potholed roads, pop music blasting out over the speakers. It's a catchy tune and even...

The Iha Nuru Tomb may not seem important by its humble appearance but is nontheless a very important site for the Ryukyuan and Okinawan culture.

Iha Nuru Tomb

Tombs and the dead themselves are the core of Ryukyuan and Okinawa cultural and religious beliefs.

The Iha Nuru Tomb in Uruma City is a...

Doctor Fish Therapy

Terme Villa Chula-U, Naha: Get pampered without spending a fortune

We went to Naha, Okinawa for the 3 day weekend. We took Air Asia, which is a budget airline that had just started offering really affordable...

Photos by Brett Bull

Tarawa: Capital of Kiribati feels like edge of world

The view of Tarawa from the window seat of an Air Pacific plane doesn’t properly convey its incredible fragility. Shaped like a fishhook with a...

My Paradise: Soak up the sun in Phuket, Thailand

Editor’s note: Looks like Nicole Henley found a great vacation spot. If you found a piece of paradise of your own, we’d love to hear about it...

Yara Castle Site: A remnant of Ryukyuan greatness in Kadena Town

The grounds of Yara Castle Site show no discernable evidence that it was once the proud home of Lord...

Visitors to Beach Rock Village, an artist's community in Okinawa, can live off the land like its original inhabitants and stay in a tipi, tipa, or camp out in a tent village. The community is popular amongst travelers and backpackers and is known for its solitude, stunning views, good food, drink, and company. The jungle retreat is a collision between the Hobbit's Shire and Gilligan's Island, and even features hikes to waterfalls and picturesque beaches, as well as horseback riding.  Matthew M. Burke

Slow down at Okinawa's Beach Rock Village

In today’s world, we rarely find time for ourselves, for our passions, as we hustle from one job to the next, commitment to commitment.

Photos by Tetsuo Nakahara, Stripes Okinawa

Curator talks katana shop

The Japanese Sword Museum in Tokyo is home to about 190 swords, sword hilts, armor and other related objects dating as far back as the Heian...

At the end of World War II, Japanese soldiers were told to kill themselves rather than surrender to U.S. forces. Dozens upon dozens did so in various caves throughout Okinawa. Many civilians were killed and also killed themselves. Skull sculptures can be found in the caves as a memorial to the events. The cave is explored in episode 3 of "I Wouldn't Go In There."

10 scariest places in Asia

(CNN) -- We wouldn't go in there either.

For National Geographic's new Asia TV series, "I Wouldn't Go In There," which began airing this...

The Nickola family examining a tide pool (Photo by Kat Nickola)

Roar!! Walking in the footsteps of dinosaurs

Editor's Note: Let's go back in time with Kat Nickola. Looks like she found another adventure, so hang on and enjoy!

You are standing at the...