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A gatepost and wall are all that remains from Japan's notorious Kinkaseki prison camp in Jinguashi, Taiwan. Matthew M. Burke/Stars and Stripes

Taiwan: Horrors of Japanese POW camps revealed to visitors at Kinkaseki

They were little more than skeletons clad in rags, skin stretched over bone. The scars they bore told the story of some of Japan’s most brutal...

Dive into adventures of the deep

Palau, the Maldives and the Great Barrier Reef are places most often associated with dazzling diving and unforgettable vacations. And as summer...

Taste of spring: bamboo shoots

Springtime brings new life to the fields, mountains – and bamboo groves – of Japan. And there’s no better way to revel in its arrival than by...

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Go wild in the country

If you’ve taken part in a race, chances are you won’t have been overtaken by Elvis, Hello Kitty and a vigorously clucking giant chicken. That...

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FISHBONE Japan Tour 2013

May 31 (Fri) Osaka Shangri-La
Open: 6:30PM Start: 7:30PM
Ticket: Adv \5,500 / Door \6000 (tax included / plus 1drink charge)

Four fabulous days in Saipan

People say that the best time to visit Saipan is when the flame trees are blooming—April through August. We somehow missed that memo. And while...

My son exploring the beach along the Mekong.

Secrets in Laos

The country of Laos has an amazingly intricate history full of kings and takeovers, French occupation and covert missions.  Its ties to the West...

The Shikinaen Royal Garden was designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage site in December, 2000.

Shikinaen Royal Garden

A mere three kilometers south of the busy Shuri Castle tourist district endures a quiet wooded retreat used exclusively as a getaway spot for the...

The Halema'uma'u crater expels gases into the atmosphere at Volcanoes National Park on Hawaii's Big Island. Its most recent seismic activity began in 2008. It contained a lava lake until 1924, when it exploded, doubling the crater's width to a half-mile. Erik Slavin/Stars and Stripes

Hawaii's Big Island exploding with activity for travelers

There is a typical Waikiki version of Hawaii involving leis, luaus and tourists swarming the same few blocks of beachfront property.


Cousins having fun.

Decisions. Decisions.

I’ve just come back from about a week long vacation in Hawaii.  As you might imagine, it was a pretty amazing time.  Even more amazing because we...

Beautiful Nametoko Gorge, perfect for canyoning

Canyoning at Nametoko Gorge

Canyoning is a river sport that originated in Europe. It’s one of the most exciting nature sports, involving descending through rocky gorges...

Celebrating Buddha's birthday

Children poured sweet tea to celebrate Buddha’s birthday at Chokoku-ji temple, Tokyo on April 8