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Photos by Shoji Kudaka

Taking the plunge at Moon Beach

As someone who avoided snorkeling for nearly four decades, I can empathize with those who might be afraid to try this popular water activity....

The Sites, Sounds and Tastes of Wonderful Hong Kong

For the first time visitor, Hong Kong can seem overwhelming at first. Yet, the tightly-packed sidewalks teeming with people, the streets and...

Photo by Jun Sakahira, Stripes Okinawa

Why doesn't Okinawa have a pro baseball team?

It’s safe to say that the game day experience of regular season professional baseball on Okinawa is limited to televised games. Although...
Photos by Jun Sakahira, Stripes Okinawa

Play Ball! Japan's unique approach toward baseball a real treat!

Ask your friends what the national sport of Japan is, and although many of them will give you the right answer (sumo, of course), some might...

10,000 dancers to parade through Okinawa's Kokusai Street on Aug. 5

Come Aug. 5, Kokusai Street in Naha will turn into a stage for 10,000 Eisa dancers.

The “24th Ichimannin no Eisa Odoritai” (Ten thousand...

Photo courtesy of Tomari-iyumachi

Time to taste Japan's terrific tuna

If you go to a sushi restaurant in Okinawa, tuna will be one of the most popular orders. If you attend a wedding or other type of celebration,...

Photos by Nano Betts

How I Spent A Blissful Week in Oahu, Hawaii

I’m thrilled about all of my vacations, but the moment we decided to take time off and fly to Hawaii I was giddy with excitement. In fact, the 7-...

Photos by Shoji Kudaka

Slippin' & slidin' away at Okinawa water course

Laughs of joy could be heard everywhere.
“Ha ha ha!”
“Oh my god! I am just gonna crawl!”

American Village is waiting for you!

American Village is a spectacular place to go. There are many stores and restaurants. My favorite restaurant to go in American Village is this...

Experts encourage overseas travelers to seek advice from a health care provider before leaving on a trip, and to make sure recommended vaccinations are up to date. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Destinee Sweeney)

Preparing for travel can prevent illness

FALLS CHURCH, Va. — Whether snorkeling, hiking, or exploring a new place, travelers should know how to stay safe and healthy while away from...
All Japan Fireworks Competition. Japan’s one of the most prestigious fireworks display competed by 28 fireworks expert at Omagari, Daisen city, Akita prefecture. (Photo courtesy of Daisen city, Akita prefecture)

Okinawa to light up the summer nights with fireworks

WHALE-STRAIT TOKASHIKI MATSURI: July 27-28, 6-9 p.m.; 300 fireworks display along with taiko...

A memorial to the two hundred thousand brave souls: Photo courtesy of Bonson Lam

Okinawa Memorial Museum marks the names of those lost

Shota, Shota, are you okay? Shota!”
It was a beautiful Saturday evening. Laughter and chatter fill the night skies on the...