Kyle Peters Army Ranger and Uncle John
Kyle Peters Army Ranger and Uncle John


by: John Rogers | .
Stripes Okinawa | .
published: March 02, 2013

Editor's note: John Rogers in Palmdale, Cal. shared this prose from a poignant and uniquely military-family perspective. We thought we'd pass it along to our readers. If you have something to share, you can submit it on this very site.

My story leading into my writing this is twofold: I have recovered from two heart attacks, and in the same time period my nephew served as an Army Ranger and served two tours in Iraq.

During this time I had mild depression and much, much more anxiety. I wrote the following poem in one of my most difficult times as I was trying to imagine the circumctances that my nephew might be going through as well.

I gave the name "Boy bring me home" to the following. It only serves to move people like myself emotionally to appreciate life, whether it be from personal health or for one of our military families. I ended it Unc J which is short for Uncle John.

A sleepless night too, what's happened to you just something
that came out of the blue; a thought... a worry of things that
are true.

I came out of bed and just held my head
our fear of wait and uncertain attack,
to press forward... and not look back.

It's standing guard outside my yard
It's not the same, as it watches over
your frame life is what it is... and
there is no shame.

As I lay down to try and forget
It catches my eye... as sure as a net
It's waving at me... how can this be?

From the shadow of the streetlight
Can this be right...
I forgot to take it down tonight.

I pray it's OK to fly this dark night only good chance we
might both be lonely as I watch it wave... I fall asleep to fly
no more... will be yours to keep

The loose threads as the ends
not just falimy... but friends
it keeps count while on its mount
until the day... for your return

Unc J