Don't forget your on-base tax center


Don't forget your on-base tax center

by: Kim Suchek | .
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published: February 03, 2015

Hello military community,

One of the pleasures of doing this column is receiving feedback and/or inquiries from readers. This helps me focus not only on what you enjoy reading but what is needed and useful for you and your families.

I received these message in an email from a reader stationed in Tokyo, Japan, reminding me of a resource he felt I should have mentioned in my January column on tax resources:

“You missed the one most important face-to-face service---the installation tax center which is free to those in the community., i.e.: active, reserve, guard, retirees, family members, military civilian employees...basically anyone who has an ID card and needs the service. They do all federal and state. Last year alone the Camp Zama Tax Center saved hundreds of thousands on fees over going to a commercial service. And to reiterate, it’s totally free.”

This service member’s name is not included for privacy reasons, since I do not have his permission and wished to publish this resource immediately for the benefit it will provide our military community. I appreciate the quick note reminding me of this resource.

There will be various reasons why some resources may not be listed by me; I may be unaware, there may be too many to choose from, some resources may be poorly rated by the Better Business Bureau, etc. Many resources may fail to get promoted or get the praise they deserve. This is no way deflects from the importance it provides to our military community.

It is my hope as a writer to provide fresh and new resources for you or to remind you of the available resources that are beneficial to our military community. As this reader reminded me, some resources are important enough to mention more than once, not to presume everyone is already aware of it. This is especially so since these tax centers are free and reliable resources.

So a big shout out to this service member for the reminder. I look forward to receiving more input from readers on what you all wish to hear more about, or even corrections to information in this column. Also, feel free to write me about a subject that I have not touched on yet.

Blessings from my family to yours,

Kim Suchek

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