Energy Action Month – what you need to know


Energy Action Month – what you need to know

by: Okinawa Marine Corps Energy Office | .
published: October 26, 2016

In 2011, the President designated October as Energy Action Month to encourage Americans to take control of their energy consumption and work together to strengthen energy security and reduce environmental impacts. The Marine Corps participates in Energy Action Month each October and continues to champion the Energy Ethos year-round.

The goals of Energy Action Month for the Corps are to raise awareness about energy use and encourage energy-saving actions by Marines, civilians, and their families. Energy-efficient actions learned during Energy Action Month should become sustained habits, leading to increased mission effectiveness, enhanced energy security, and reduced costs throughout the year.

In FY 2015, MCIPAC spent about $94 million on energy – 45 percent more than MCIEAST and more than double the total spent by MCIWEST. Rising energy prices and the reliance on imported oil to generate electricity contribute to the high energy bill. Marines, civilians, and their families must start to think differently about how they view energy and pledge to use only what they need in an effort to reduce energy waste. Not only does wasting energy place a burden on the Marine Corps’ budget, it also develops bad energy habits that can risk the safety and security of Marines in the battlefield.

Efficient water use is just as critical to the Corps’ mission readiness, as energy and water are used hand-in-hand. MICPAC consumed about 1.3 billion gallons of water in FY 2015 – enough to fill more than 2,000 Olympic swimming pools, while adding to the already high energy costs in the region.

During Energy Action Month, be on the lookout for communication from your leaders about the role you can play in saving energy on base and at home. When you’re on base, take notice of energy-saving messages on digital signs, as well as posters with specific tips for reducing your energy waste.

For more information and resources on Energy Action Month, visit this link. To learn more about the importance of saving energy for the Marine Corps, watch this video featuring Lt Gen Michael Dana, Deputy Commandant for Installations and Logistics.

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