From fruity drinks to healthy tea


From fruity drinks to healthy tea

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published: October 27, 2015

1. Hibiscus Water
No artificial coloring. Like water, this sweet and mildly sour drink is ideal for hydration.

2. Deep-sea water
Natural Deep-sea water rich in minerals necessary for the human body.

3. Goya tea
Goya tea is a delicious, aromatic tea made with roasted Okinawan goya including the seeds. A perfect choice for health-conscious people
4. Sanpin tea
Okinawa’s most popular sanpin tea (jasmine tea), blended with Okinawan guava leaves. Its refreshing taste makes a great accompaniment for fatty dishes.
5. Guava tea
A healthy, non-caffeine tea made from Okinawan guava leaves with a mild taste and pleasant aroma. There is a custom dating from the old days of drinking decocted guava. Recommended for people who care about their health.