The Hills are haunted: A bone-chilling experience near Yokota


The Hills are haunted: A bone-chilling experience near Yokota

by: Greg Ames | .
Stripes Okinawa | .
published: October 28, 2016

Editor’s note: Greg Ames calls himself a hobbyist ghost hunter on Camp Yokota. Growing up in an “incredibly haunted” house outside of a civil war battlefield might lead one towards such a hobby. During his nearly two years on base, Ames has gone out with his SPB7 spirit box in search of supernatural encounters. One night, he and his wife had an experience they won’t soon forget.

So we hit Tama Hills at night to check out my new SPB7 spirit box. We walked the trails visiting all the abandoned buildings. We couldn’t go in them due to the no trespassing signs. I remember the night being cold and dry.

No fog and clear skies. When we walked outside of one of the buildings that wasn’t built into the ground, the spirit box was active (the spirit box changes stations and between the stations you can hear the voices usually adding up to full sentences. It is very easy to tell the difference between a station and an electronic voice.) We got some talking in Japanese but didn’t have anyone that speaks it so we had no idea what was being said.

We did note it was demonic in sound. As we approached the building, we noticed there was no door. But in the center of the room, as we shined the light, there was a lone metal chair against the wall facing at the door. The debris was cleared around the chair almost as a throne in the mess of debris. It was at this time my wife felt ill. So we left hoping her stomach would calm down.

We continued to walk down the trail - she was getting worse as we continued to walk but insisted we moved on. We could hear leaves rustling behind us. I figured that could be caused by a small animal. So we dismissed it but on the spirit box we hit a section of whispering that was long enough to be separated by the radio stations.

So I stopped and confronted what was following us and making my wife feel ill. I asked if it spoke English and soon after we got “yes, a little” sounding clear on the box. I asked if it would take a picture and it did. Me and my camera man felt uneasy because of the camera we were using we could not tell if we got anything.

It was not long after, I felt a pain on the outside of my neck almost like a spider bite. And at the same time my cameraman felt the need to run and he did. So I followed. My wife feels sick even now when we go near that building. And I fear if we go back the spirit may follow me home.

This was a picture in a series of three. Nothing appeared on the other pictures. It’s not hard to see the mist swirling. To my left obviously not acting in the behavior of any kind of fog.