Kids know the best places on Okinawa


Kids know the best places on Okinawa

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published: December 24, 2017

Editor’s Note: The talented students of Bechtel Elementary School’s student council know the best spots on Okinawa. So kids, grab your family and head out to explore this beautiful island.

Shuri Castle

The best place to go to is Shuri Castle.  Shuri Castle is an awesome place, because it has things from back in the old times, like statues of the King and Queen of Okinawa. It is special because a lot of history happened there.
They have special events like tea ceremonies, special tours, and more!  You get to see things such as the King’s crown, his bedroom, and the throne room! The best thing there is the tea and cookies. The castle is beautiful! It has flowers and colors all over it!  Also you learn that underneath the new castle there is the original castle that was destroyed in World War 2. 
  – Niomi Acfalle-Truvillion
Okinawa World
Okinawa world is amazing! It is one of the best attractions ever made to acquaint you to your new home. Some of the things they have there is the giant cave which they actually built the park off of. One of the other things that they have is a Habu show. If you don’t know what a Habu is, they are one of the only venomous snakes on the island. You learn about the Habu and what to do if you are bitten. Of course, it will be in Japanese so they were kind enough to put voice translators in the show so you can listen in your own language! Hope you like it there. Also try to ask your parents to get something at the gift shop they have some pretty neat things!
I think I’ve had a lot of experience with this place because I’ve gone there 4 to 5 times. So if you are planning to go, contact me at so I can tell you even more about this amazing place.
– Braden Christian
Round 1 Amusements
Round 1 is located all over Okinawa. It is one of the most popular fun places to go in Okinawa. Round 1 has a lot of awesome areas like a roller skating area, indoor kid’s fun area, arcade area, and food area. 
At the food area, there is ice cream, shaved ice, french- fries, and other tasty foods.
In the kid’s fun area, there is a ball pit, slide, and so much more! The really cool part is the bull riding. The bull is a mechanical bull and it tries to buck you off! 
The last exciting part is the photo machine. The photo machine takes pictures of you and prints it out in color! 
Round 1 is lots of fun and a cool place to see.
I hope you get a chance to have fun at this cool place.
– Madison Nekvinda
A Day in Kids World
Kids World has a variety of different activities such as a grand entrance where you see many flowers in all colors, sizes, and shapes, realistic dinosaurs with their very cute dinosaur kids and a petting zoo where you can pet many types of animals and even walk them if you’d like. There is a ride/attraction where you can go over a wonderful lake where you see lots of birds in it. When you see the lake, you are surrounded by beautiful leaves and flowers.
Well, I hope you go to this wonderful place with lots of fun, nature, and games. If you go, I think you will have a wonderful time there. 
– Joy Donald  
Kodomono Kuni
The Okinawa Zoo is the most fun place in Japan. You should go there, and I will tell you why. You can see all kinds of animals like apes, monkeys, alligators, and also many birds. Sometimes you even see bats and snakes. But don’t worry they’re in cages! You see turtles that are really big! And also baby turtles.
The Kodomono Kuni (Okinawa Zoo in Japanese) has a room filled with games. In one game you’re supposed to make a shadow that looks like an animal you might see at the zoo. Once you do that your shadow will pop out on the board and almost come to life. 
There is a section in the other playroom where you see a large shell. When you press the button that is attached to the shell ink drops all over the shell! I’ve explained a lot that you see. So do you want to go? 
At the zoo you see hippos. Isn’t that amazing?  I think it is. Now let me tell you about another part of the zoo. There is a house of reptiles in their cages. The cages have lizards, snakes, and other types of reptiles. 
There is a great place where you can get ice cream and you can get food like curry and rice and also play the game Crane. Finally, there are benches so that you can rest.                
– Visaya Black 
Cape Maeda
Cape Maeda is a great place to snorkel. You’ll have to have more than two people go if you have a child, but if it is just an adult you are fine. It was really fun and you can see a lot of fish and maybe see an eel. I saw one! The water was really warm, not cold, and very clear.
There is a little snack bar. If you are not sure what’s out there you can get an Ocean Guide. Cape Maeda is a big attraction. 
You can rent scuba gear and a life vest for your younger siblings. Cape Maeda is awesome!  
– Carlos Diaz
Hiji Falls
Hey, you must go to Hiji Falls. It’s an amazing place to visit. You are able to walk in the water on your way to the waterfall. Yes, I know you have to walk, but it’s not a long walk. And it’s in Okinawa so you could visit it right now. 
When I was there I walked in the water and it was very very cold. The water is beautiful because it’s two shades of blue teal, and blueish, greenish. There are also hills you can walk up with a rope.  It’s really lots of fun.
It is very beautiful and it is a perfect place to go with all of your family members. You are also able to walk under the waterfall. But there are lots of rocks so be careful.
I think you shouldn’t miss a visit to Hiji Falls!
– Donna Godfrey
American Village
American Village is a spectacular place to go. There are many stores and restaurants. My favorite restaurant to go in American Village is this Indian place. Their food is really good. There is even a Ferris wheel! I once went there, and saw this guy who was dancing with fire. The best time to go is at night time. It’s even better when it’s Christmas-time. The Ferris wheel really shows off its colorful lights.                      
One of my favorite stores is “Make-Man”. There is also a bridge you can go across. There are many things to do there. The best place to take a picture is with the Shisha dog that is on the staircase. Be careful not to fall! 
There’s a frozen yogurt place called “Party Land”. It’s a great place to grab dessert. 
The best thing that I enjoyed over there was the pet section at “Make-Man”. The puppies are really cute! If you want to spend quality time with your family, go to American Village!
– Michelle Yoon
Courtney Skate Park
The Courtney Skate Park has ramps and a lot of space to just ride if you do not want to ride on the ramps. It is not far from the towers or the housing. The skate park is also the bus stop. If you have a skateboard, bike, or scooter the Courtney Skate Park is the place for you. When I pass the Courtney Skate Park there are usually a lot of kids there. It is a very popular place for skaters and skateboarders.
There are usually older kids there, but younger kids skate also. The skate park has a lot of twists and turns. There are two doors to enter, one by the hill and one by the table and that door is always open. There are about six or seven ramps. 
This is a great place for you if you love skating.  It’s even fun if you’re not a skater (like me) to watch all the cool tricks and flips the skaters can do.              
– Ella Hampson
The Sushi-Go-Round
The Sushi-Go-Round is a Japanese restaurant that serves sushi of course! Sushi is a Japanese food that Japanese and many American people eat. It has a little bit of vinegar, and rice, with clean raw fish on top. If you want it a little bit spicy, you put a dip of wasabi. This is green paste made from a plant that looks quite similar to the Japanese radish, except it’s green. 
Even a little bit can be very spicy. Of course it will be tasteless without something, so you can dip it in soy sauce also. Soy sauce is just to add some taste to the sushi. My top 3 favorites are salmon, fatty salmon, and grilled cheese salmon. 
Ok, ok, I know I said that it’s raw fish, but there are some with grilled fish as well. Also, if you tried the fish, and didn’t like the taste they also have hamburger sushi, which is just hamburger meat with rice. 
They even have cheeseburger sushi which is the same thing except it just has cheese on top.
I think you will like the Sushi-Go-Round because they have delicious cake for dessert! They have all different kinds, but my personal favorite is the NY chocolate cake. 
– Ciara Hambrick
Torii Beach
Torii Beach is one of the best beaches of all. The beach is kind of sandy and the water is really comfortable. You can see bunches of floating seaweed and you might see fish of all colors and shapes. You could explore all day!
There are jet skis connected to shoes and the more power you use the higher you go. Torii Beach also has a huge slide that is really high. You have to purchase bracelets that let you go on the slide. There is a stand where you can buy bracelets that allow you 15 turns for $5.00 or 3 to 5 turns for $1.00.
They have cabins that you can rent for your summer vacation or at any other time. Torii Beach is the best beach ever!
–Charlease Cusimano
Okinawa Eisa Festival
The Okinawa Eisa Festival is a festival where they bring 10 famous Eisa groups of Okinawans together in one place to perform. This performance is to worship the spirits of their ancestors. They all wear their special colorful costumes and perform around noon in August and September. It is really hot in these months so I suggest you bring an umbrella or fan.
They have great Okinawan food venders that sell noodles, meat pies, and shaved ice. They have more street food than I can name. They sell shirts, fans, towels and little cardboard drums. It is definitely an all day trip. You and your family are sure to love it!
I think it is one of the best places to go with many sights to see. It is located near Kadena Air Base. If you want to see some Okinawan culture be sure to go to the Okinawan Eisa Festival.
– Sydney Ellis
Southeast Botanical Gardens
The Southeast Botanical Gardens has a display of beautiful lights put together to make things like Christmas trees and horse carriages. The lights are amazing. You walk around and look at all the brilliant designs. If you go at night you will really see all the lights glow!
There is a bridge that goes over a wonderful pond filled with goldfish called Koi. The lights are bright and breathtaking. You might see a lily pad on the pond or a turkey crossing the bridge.
There is a restaurant also but you have to make reservations. I like it there because it is relaxing and calming.
You should really go to the Southeast Botanical Gardens!                          
– Rylynn Brooks
White Beach
White Beach is a place that you can spend a weekend on the beach by the ocean. You can stay in a medium sized cabin where you have a kitchen, some couches, a bed, and a T.V. so you can rent and watch movies. What I liked about the cabin is that it has a very big space so you might get your own room.        
You can go to the beach where the ocean water may be cold at first, but as you move around in the water it gets warmer. You might also see some fish in the water as you swim. You could even find an island on the water that you could explore like my family did. 
At White Beach I liked swimming in the water and racing my dad. I also like that I explored an island with my mom, dad, and brother where I found a crab. My dad cooked it and my family ate it!
I think you should go so you can have a good time just like I did.                                                                     
– Everton Bryan II  
Okuma is awesome and you should go there. The waves are big, the seaweed is slimy and it’s really cool. Maybe you can go there! The beaches are awesome, the waves feel soft and the sand is kind of soft, but not all the time! The apartments are small and the houses, which are called turtle nests, are massive. There are rides like jet skis, banana boat and all kinds of things. There are two kinds of Okuma: the Okinawa and American. The American is huge and the Okinawa one is small.
There is a park that is sandy. Right by the gate is a go-kart race. The go-kart race is when you are in a car and you race. The race is really fun and the breeze when you race feels really good. OH! I forgot you get to ride with a parent or you have to be 8 years old and up.    
– Lillie Brower