National Energy Action Month: developing new conservation habits


National Energy Action Month: developing new conservation habits

by: Okinawa Marine Corps Energy Office | .
published: October 19, 2016

October is National Energy Action Month and the Marine Corps needs your help. This is a federally-promoted initiative occurring each October with the intent of encouraging intelligent use of energy. During October, the Marine Corps asks units and civilian organizations to post information, promote resource conservation, and engage in activities that raise awareness.

With the Marine Corps mission relying on efficiency and agility, it is imperative that fuel and water be used efficiently in the field. This lightens the logistical load as well as risk to supply convoys targeted in combat. In garrison, combined efforts of civilians and Marines to do things like keep windows closed during A/C season help prolong the life of existing facilities while reducing overall spending on energy.

Every person is a stakeholder in the intelligent use of energy and water. Wasteful use can result in lasting negative impacts that affect both existing and future generations. Energy Action Month is a perfect time to develop new conservation habits that can be applied in October and throughout the year.

Intelligent energy use is as easy as turning things off or educating yourself on the topic. If you have questions or recommendations, Marine Corps units and civilian organizations have appointed Unit Energy Managers (UEM) to assist you. Otherwise, you can call your Okinawa Marine Corps Energy Office at 645-5118/7122