Okinawan children tour Kadena Air Base


Okinawan children tour Kadena Air Base

by: Courtesy photos: Satoru Kawakami, Takako Fukuhara | .
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published: August 16, 2016

Fourteen children from ‪‎Okinawa City‬ and its friend township, ‪‎Achi Village‬ of Nagano Prefecture visited Kadena Air Base. They visited Kadena Medical Clinic, a historical site “Peace Garden” and the Teen Center.

At the Kadena Medical Clinic, Japanese students saw an ambulance and learned about the different responsibilities of 18th Medical Group. They even had a chance to training experience what it is like to transport an emergency patient during a training event. For peace study, they visited historical sites such as the Peace Garden on base to learn more about the history of ‪#Okinawa‬ and the importance of peace.

At the end of the tour, the Japanese students visited the Youth Center, met with American elementary students, introduced themselves, and immediately played games, did drawings together, and enjoyed chitchat regardless of the language barriers between English and Japanese. The visit highlighted how despite our cultural difference we have many things to learn from and share together as friends.