A Salute to Military Children


A Salute to Military Children

by: Latorial Faison | .
Stripes Okinawa | .
published: April 02, 2014

Editor’s Note: Latorial D. W. Faison is a poet, author, educator and military spouse living in South Korea.

Our Lifestyle

From the biggest cities
To the smallest towns

We must adjust
To ups and downs

We adapt to change
We stay on the move

With new places to see
And no time to lose

We make new friends
We go to new schools

We have to live
By different rules

We know for sure
What far away means

With parents who often
Work overseas

It is a challenge
But we survive

With hope and love
We grow and thrive

Exciting times
We come to know

As military children
Always on the go

Just like our Moms
Just like our Dads

A different life
We might have had

But we know not
Any other lifestyle

Than that of being
A military child

The Military Kid in Me

I was born in North Carolina
I turned three in New Orleans
I began kindergarten on Fort Riley
I started high school in Killeen

I got my first haircut in Georgia
I lost my first tooth at Fort Polk
I saw my first movie in Hawaii
I got braces in the city of Norfolk

I flew kites on Shaw Air Force Base
I played my first song on Aberdeen
I got my black belt in karate
Living in Heidelberg, Germany

I attended middle school in El Paso
I became a teenager in D.C.
I met and made a friend for life
While living in Naples, Italy

I grew a few inches in Okinawa
Made the swim team in Virginia Beach
My voice changed at Fort Benning
I got my driver’s license at Fort Meade

I first wrote my ABC’s at Fort Knox
I tied my own shoes at Camp Lejeune
I had my first date at Fort Carson
I made the Honor Roll in Daegu

I had golf lessons at Fort Sheridan
I played baseball on Fort Lee
I have experienced so many places
Because of the military kid in me

My Mommy is a Soldier

My mommy is a soldier
She has a unique job
Serving our country daily
She works really hard

She wears a special uniform
It’s camouflage green
Working for freedom
Is my mommy’s dream

Mommy’s job is great,
The people are really nice.
But she often takes long trips
And is gone for many nights

I remember one day
When Mommy had to leave
That she was going far away
I just could not believe

Who would read me stories
Tickle me at bedtime
Tuck me in each night
Get me to school on time

But Mommy reminded me
Of all the things daddies do
Daddies love like mommies
And they care a lot too

She said listen to Daddy
And always help him out
That she’d be back in no time
Not to worry and never pout

Mommy put on her uniform
Then she kissed me good-bye
She boarded a big airplane
That took off into the sky

I was feeling quite sad
But only for a little while
For Mommy’s trip overseas
Would help another child

My mommy’s a soldier
She’s my brave and smart
And her duties sometimes
Keep us far apart

I often think of her
When she’s far away
I always get excited
When she’s home to stay

I know that I miss her
Because I love her a lot
And even when she’s away
She is always in my heart

I often tell myself
Sometimes over and over
That I have a right to be proud
Because my mommy is a soldier