Speakin' Japanese: Mother’s Day chatter


Speakin' Japanese: Mother’s Day chatter

by: Shoji Kudaka and Takahiro Takiguchi | .
Stripes Okinawa | .
published: May 04, 2016

Japanese celebrate Mother’s Day on second Sunday of May, just like Americans. So, this year on May 8 when you present your Mom’s with some flowers, card or other gifts, surprise her with a little Japanese. Happy Mother’s Day to all our loving and hardworking moms!

“Haha-no-hi omedetoo!” = Happy Mother’s Day!
(“haha-no-hi” = Mother’s Day, “omedetoo” = happy/congratulations on)

“Okaasan itsumo arigatoo.” = Mom, thank you, always.
 (“okaasan” = mom, “itsumo” = always, “arigatoo” = thank you)

“Okaasan daisuki!” = I love you, mom.
(“daisuki” = love you)

“Kaaneeshon wo agemasu.” = I will give you a bouquet of carnations.
(“kaaneeshon” = (a bouquet of) carnation, “agemasu” = will give you)

“Watashi kara no purezento desu.” = Here is my present for you.
(“watashi” = I/me, “watashitachi” = we/us, “kara” = from, “purezento” = gift/present)  

“Okaasan ni tegami wo kakimashita.” = I wrote a letter to you, mom.
(“tegami” = letter, “kakimashita” = I wrote)

“Doomo arigatoo.” = Thank you so much.
(“doomo” = so much, “arigatoo” = thank you)

“Kyo wa yukkuri yasunde ne.” = Take a rest today.
(“kyo” = today, “yukkuri” = slowly, “yasunde” = take a rest)

“Watashi ga ryori wo tsukuri masu.” = I will cook for you.
(“ryori wo tsukuru” = cook (for you))

“Watashi ga sooji wo shimasu.” = I will clean the rooms.
(“sooji” = clean a room, “shimasu” = will do)

“Kon-ya wa soto de tabemashoo.” = Let’s dine out tonight.
(“kon-ya” = tonight, “soto” = outside, “tabemashoo” = let’s eat)

When on OKINAWA, you can also say it in “Uchinaanguchi” (island dialect) like this:
“Chuuya Ayaa nu Fii Yakutuunnkai, Karii! = Today is Mother’s Day. So cheers!
(“Ayaa” = mother)

“Ayaa Sai, Yuuban Sugai Biisiga.” = Mom, I am going to cook dinner.
  (“Yuuban” = dinner, “sugai”= preparation)

“Ayaa Sai, Kata Mimijabira.” = Mom, Let me massage your shoulder.
(“Mimijyun” = massage)

“Ayaa Sai, Shinroo Shimitee Wasstanyaa.” = Mom, I apologize for giving you a headache.
(“Shinroo Shimitee” = cause concerns)

“Ayaa Sai, Kunu Keeki Usagami Soore.” = Mom, please eat this cake.
(“Keeki”= cake, Usagami Soore= Please eat.)