Speakin' Japanese: Okinawa special


Speakin' Japanese: Okinawa special

by: Shoji Kudaka | .
Stripes Okinawa | .
published: February 26, 2016

Here are some Japanese and Okinawan phrases that will help you adjust to island life.

1. “Naha Kuukou made onegai shimasu.” = Can you take me to Naha Airport?

2. “Kokode orimasu” = Could you drop me off here?

3. “Ata ta me masuka?”= Shall I warm this up?
    (If you buy rice balls at convenience stores in Okinawa, the employee at the counter will ask you this.)

4. “Shashin wo totte itadake masuka?” = Can you take my picture?

5. “Cooler wo tsukete morae masuka?” = Can you turn on the AC?
    (Cooler = AC)

6. “Tsugino bus wa nan ji ni kimasuka?” =What time does the next bus come?

7. “Daikou wo yonde kudasai” = Please call the chauffer service.
    (Daiko = chauffer/replacement driver service)

8. “Doru de shi harae masuka?” = Can I make the payment in dollar?

9. “Jyou tou saa!” = It’s very good
    (A common phrase in Okinawa.)

10. “Hee san do” = It’ pretty cold
    (A phrase in Okinawan dialect)

11. “Achi san ya” = It’s pretty hot
    (A phrase in Okinawan dialect)

12. “Arandoo” = That is not right
    (A phrase in Okinawan dialect)