Stars and Stripes 2012 Voters' Toolbox


Stars and Stripes 2012 Voters' Toolbox

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published: October 30, 2012

The Stars and Stripes 2012 Voters’ Toolbox provides an online ballot that shows you who is running for office based on street address, delivering highly interactive, informative resources for researching each of your state and national candidates.

The Toolbox allows you to view a sample ballot that includes a list of the candidates running for office and displays icons to show what types of information is available for each one. By clicking on the “View more information” icons you can see current news, video and written statements, as well as links to candidates’ websites.

Please note that the 2012 Voters’ Toolbox only provides information and does not provide the ability to cast a ballot online. You can contact your local Voting Office or visit Rock the Vote's Election Center for polling information and deadlines for absentee balloting. 

Visit the Stars and Stripes 2012 Voters' Toolbox: