Stateside Time Change impacting AFN programs


Stateside Time Change impacting AFN programs

by: George A. Smith, Defense Media Activity AFN Broadcast Center (Public Affairs) | .
published: March 08, 2017

An upcoming U.S. change to Standard Time means every AFN|news show, with the exception of 60 Minutes, will start an hour earlier than viewers in Europe and Japan/Korea are accustomed to seeing.

The time change will occur at 2 a.m., Mar. 12 in the United States.  AFN will adjust broadcast times for shows on all of its AFN radio and TV services with the exception of: AFN|news, AFN|sports and AFN|sports2, the three TV services that offer a great deal of live programming.

The only show which will air at its regularly scheduled time is the most watched news program in the United States, 60 Minutes, in its Monday 7 p.m. slot during the transition.    

When Europe has a time change Mar. 25, viewers there will see news and sports programs go back to current start times.

AFN advises that the best way to make sure you don’t miss the start time of your favorite news or sports program is to go to and check viewing times in the searchable AFN TV schedule.