U.S. marine suspected in Okinawa hit-and-run


U.S. marine suspected in Okinawa hit-and-run

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The Japan Times | .
published: December 08, 2014

NAHA – A U.S. Marine is suspected in a hit-and-run incident that seriously injured a 67-year-old man in Okinawa Prefecture last week, according to prefectural government sources.

The information was first reported by the U.S. side, which informed the foreign ministry, the sources said Saturday. The ministry then told the prefecture.

The U.S. military police may be conducting a hearing on the soldier, the sources added.

   A local fire department said the man was found collapsed on a road in the city of Okinawa at around 5 a.m. Thursday. He was taken to a hospital, but remained unconscious with head injuries.

An overturned minibike was found near the site. Okinawa police suspect the marine’s car may have collided with the man’s minibike.