1st Lt. Aaron Cranford

Spotlight on You: 1st Lt. Aaron Cranford

Marine awarded for saving local Okinawans from riptide

3rd Marine Division | .
published: January 09, 2018

Marines from 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion congratulate 1st Lt. Aaron Cranford after he receives the Navy and Marine Corps Medal on Jan. 8, 2017, at the 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion Headquarters building on Camp Schwab, Okinawa, Japan. Cranford was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for risking his life while rescuing three divers and a local Okinawan who were caught in rip current during a recreational dive at Onna Point, Okinawa, Japan on April 23, 2017. Cranford, a native of Fort Worth, Texas, is a supply officer with Headquarters and Service Company, 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion, 3rd Marine Division.

(U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Josue Marquez)

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