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Spotlight on You: Alma Ochigue

USO Okinawa Staff Highlight

by: Gary John | .
USO Schwab Center Manager | .
published: October 09, 2018
Name: Alma Ochigue
Position/Title: Center Operation Specialist
Time worked at USO: June 05, 2006 – Present
Center/Office location: USO Schwab
Tell Us About Them:
Alma has worked for the USO aboard Camp Schwab for 12 years!  She keeps our Operation Birthday Cake program running at full-speed without missing a beat, or should we say a “cake delivery,” for our service members receiving a birthday cake on or around their birthday.  This is not an easy task because the Marines & sailors constantly deploy and go on training exercises, so being able to get in contact with their command or listed point of contact is a mission in and of itself and Alma handles this task exceptionally well.  Her professionalism and big smile is enchanting and helps recruit volunteers and keeps patrons coming back time and time again.
1. Why do they love working at the USO?
Alma loves working at the USO to help brighten-up someone’s day by successfully delivering a birthday cake or serving our Marines & sailors who put in a hard day’s work and decide to come to the USO to relax and unwind.  She likes putting a smile on the Operation Birthday Cake recipient’s face in order to send that smiling photo to their loved ones back home, so it may put a smile on their face as well!
2. What is their favorite memory of working at the USO?
Since she has the privilege to work among our amazing service members she feels that every day is memorable at USO Schwab to include the very first day she was hired on June 5th, 2006!

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