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Spotlight on You: Anthony McHenry

Georgia Tech alum is ready for another season with the Kings

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published: September 27, 2016

Georgia Tech alum Anthony McHenry has played a big role for the Golden Kings during his time in Okinawa. A 2008 arrival, McHenry has been a member of all four championship-winning Kings teams, and the forward is now ready as the team moves on to the new B. League.

Q: Tell us your prospects for the season opener against Tokyo on Sept. 22.
A: “I have no idea. But we played a lot of big games. I do know this: It is going to be a packed game. It is going to be a very important game. The media coverage is going to be big. I’m just gonna do my best to get ready for it. I have been playing so long, and been in Okinawa, that I know the game is going to be very important. But I have to look towards the end of the year. I want to win every game. But my pace is to be ready for the end of the season. Of course this game is very, very important. The last game of the season is too. “

Q: What does it mean for to you to play in Okinawa?
A: “This will be my 9th year in Okinawa. I’ve got friends I consider family now. People I will keep for my lifetime. Okinawa is a real close community. The same people that you see in the stands are the ones you see in the community. I love Okinawa. It means everything to me to be able to go out and perform, fans knowing we’re trying to win games.

Q: Do you have a message for the fans?
A: I need your support. I know a lot of you are in and out of the island, being deployed and whatnot. But if you are on the island, and you have a chance or an opportunity to come to one of our games, I feel like it’s the best show on the island. So, if you are looking for something to do, come and support the Kings, and we would appreciate it. We love big crowds. You guys make our crowds different from every other crowd in Japan. Please come and support.”

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