CPL Marlon D. Bunch

Spotlight on You: CPL Marlon D. Bunch

USO Okinawa Volunteer of the Quarter Winter 2016

by: Mariah Orta | .
USO Okinawa | .
published: February 08, 2017

Volunteer location: USO Futenma

Occupation/Branch of service: United States Marine Corps  

Volunteer start date and total # of volunteer hours: Cpl Bunch has been volunteering with the USO since October 22, 2016 and has accumulated a total of 1025 volunteer hours.

How did the volunteer hear about volunteering with USO Okinawa and what made him/her want to get involved with the USO?
Cpl Bunch got his volunteer start not long after arriving on Okinawa. He was interested in volunteering with the USO because he wanted to stay productive and get involve with the Futenma community. Furthermore, he wanted to volunteer for the USO because he supports the USO mission.  As a service member, Cpl Bunch likes to help his fellow Marines & Sailors every chance he gets.

What’s the best thing about volunteering/why does he/she continue to volunteer?
Cpl Bunch feels a great deal of personal satisfaction while volunteering at USO Futenma. He also enjoys serving with service members from other branches and hopes to continue long after he leaves Okinawa.

What’s a fun fact about the volunteer?
Fun fact about CPL Bunch, he’s quite the athlete. On his free time, he enjoys working out and aspires to one day become a personal trainer.

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