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Ed and Kathy Dunn celebrated the 4th of July a little early at the Independence Day BBQ reception hosted by Consul General Alfred R. Magleby.  This week, I'd like to introduce Wendy Brandon who writes about her SCUBA dad.  Wendy, presented Ed Dunn with a special "Certificate of Appreciation and Coin" issued by the Consulate for his valuable service to the community.  We need more Ed Dunn's in Okinawa. EHS.

Heartfelt words, warm appreciation, and a few jokes were heard last Sunday evening at a farewell dinner for Ed and Kathy Dunn.  A slideshow reminiscing over 10 years diving with Ed and sharing special memories with him and his wife Kathy was viewed, along with speeches of gratitude and love given by many who are proud to call him a mentor, friend, SCUBA dad, boat captain and dive buddy.

"Thanks for not only saving my life, but being a big part of it," said close friend Tracy Bender-Runnfeldt.

Ed Dunn has been providing the Weekend Dive & Boating Forecast since March 2003. Ed has spent the last 14 years living on Okinawa, but was stationed in Japan from March 1974 to April 1975 working on Okinawa, Iwakuni, and Camp Fuji. He was stationed in Okinawa from September 1993 to August 1999, then again from June 2001 until recently.

Ed Dunn received his PADI Open Water certification in March 1978, his PADI Dive Instructor certification March 1996, and became a Master SCUBA Diver Instructor in February 2008.

Ed Dunn posted this on Facebook June 26, “Today brought to a close the Okinawa Weekend Dive & Boating Forecast. The final was sent at 0535 today.
When asked why I would get up so early in the morning on Fridays to do this on my own accord, the answer was simple. Try to keep just one person from making a dreadful mistake.

I hope someone will pick this up and continue it. Hate to see it end after a little over 12 years. To all of you that used it for your command safety briefs, presentations and your individual use, I thank you. To the many resources that I used for the forecast thank you.

For the Weekend Dive & Boating Forecast, I am Ed Dunn signing off.”

Okinawa is not only losing a man who has had a great positive impact within the diving community, but many people are saying goodbye to Ed and Kathy who have been the heart of their island family for many years.

Ed and Kathy plan to make their new home in Florida this fall.

By Eduardo Heinrich-Sanchez

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