Jared Duenas

Spotlight on You: Jared Duenas

Duenas in control of emotions, pitches on mound

by: Dave Ornauer | .
Stars and Stripes | .
published: March 20, 2018

KADENA AIR BASE, Okinawa – Usually, a pitcher who completes a no-hit, no-run game in high school baseball might find himself carried on his teammates’ shoulders or dogpiled by same in a wild celebration.

Not so after Kadena’s cool-as-ice right-hander Jared Duenas’ 2-0 shutout of Kubasaki last Saturday at Kadena’s Four Diamonds Complex.

In many ways, it was just another contest between the two longtime Okinawa rivals.

In fact, the sophomore said he didn’t know what he’d accomplished until Panthers coach Boe Roberts told him as he walked off the field into the dugout for the last time on a balmy, beautiful afternoon.

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