Juan F. Ruiz

Spotlight on You: Juan F. Ruiz

USO Volunteer of the Quarter for Okinawa

published: April 09, 2014

Name: Juan F. Ruiz

Location: Camp Hansen USO

Occupation (optional):  0111 Administrative Specialist

When did you first begin volunteering with the USO?

June 5, 2013

How did you hear about us and what made you want to get involved with the USO?

I heard about a USO at the San Diego airport, but I never got to set foot at the USO. When I was about to go in the USO I got pulled in with all the recruits going on the bus to go to the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego. Upon completion from Marine Combat Training at the School of Infantry in Camp Pendleton, I decided I should visit the USO since I heard it was a haven for the military. They were really kind and generous to me when I barely even met them. I wanted to be involved with the USO to return the generosity the USO had given to me.

How has your experience been so far?

My experiences so far from the USO have been excellent. I got the privilege to volunteer and work with the staff at the Camp Hansen USO. Each one of them is unique in their own way, and I always enjoy being around them when I get the chance.  Also, I’ve met so many people from many different cultures; it gets to be pretty exciting meeting new people every day.

What have you found as your greatest strength as a volunteer?

My greatest strength as a volunteer is determination. When I work on a project I see it through all the way to the end. My ambition is to succeed at the goal in hand at all cost. Quite frankly, I even ignore my sleep and hunger at times in order to achieve my goals for the USO.

What keeps you coming back?

What keeps me coming back to the USO is the manager at USO Hansen, LouBee Zielinski. She’s an incredibly selfless, creative and sophisticated individual who puts a smile on my face whenever I see her. She is also a dependable person I can always look up to for guidance and leadership whenever I’m in doubt. I believe Loubee is a one-in–a-million individual who stands out from all the rest. This is true because instead of going home one night, she spent most of the night painting art on this door for the “United Through Reading Program” with me and a group of artist that were determined to see the project be finished. One day I hope to be just as successful and amazing as LouBee Zielinski.

Do you have an inspirational story you can briefly tell us about?

I’m just an average Joe who likes to help out with the community. It pleases me to know that when people are in need that I come and help them out without expecting anything in return. It’s just in my altruistic nature to put other people before myself.

Fun Fact about yourself:

I always love trying out new food especially if it’s spicy.  Also, I love going to new places to explore and getting to experience the culture in the surrounding area.

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