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Spotlight on You: Kat Harper

Saluting Military Moms: Kat Harper

by: Stripes Okinawa | .
Stripes Okinawa | .
published: May 27, 2016

Name: Kat Harper    
Age: 22
Years in service: 4+
Rank: Sergeant
Years as Mom: 7 months
Child: William, 7 months old
Current Duty Station and job: Okinawa, Japan/ Intelligence Analyst

Q. What are your key responsibilities at work?
A. Actively supervising daily tasks and duties of the Marines under me, and I’m also one of the 1st MAW CG’s briefers.

Q. What are your key responsibilities at home?  
A. Wife, Mom to a 7-month-old baby, a 2-year-old Shiba Inu named Kiba, and a 2-year-old kitty rescue named Marbles.
Q. How do you balance work and family?
A. It’s something that’s not very easy to do since both my husband and I are active-duty Marines. There are no gender roles at home, and whoever is able to pick up our son from day care, does so. I keep work at work, and once I walk through my front door I am dedicated to my husband and my little boy.

Q. How do you keep in touch with family when you are TDY or deployed?
A. I have not been sent away since my son was born, so we have not encountered that issue.

Q. How does the military community support you?
A. Everyone in our chain of command is very supportive. They realize the challenges my husband and I go through raising a family and are very accommodating if an emergency comes up at home.
Q. What’s the best part of being a military mom?
A. I love coming home after a long day at work and seeing my son’s face light up as I walk through the door.
Q. What do you want for Mother’s Day?
A. The only thing I want is to sleep through the night.

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