Lance Cpl. Elijah Davis

Spotlight on You: Lance Cpl. Elijah Davis

In the Life of Marines: METOC

by: Pfc. Kelcey Seymour, Marine Corps Installations Pacific | .
published: May 22, 2018

MCAS FUTENMA, OKINAWA, Japan – Lance Cpl. Elijah Davis checks the weather reports from other stations in the Asia-Pacific region May 15 aboard Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, Okinawa, Japan. The forecasting sites can be utilized by anyone who wants to see the weather conditions in the Pacific region. Davis is a Meteorology and oceanology analyst forecaster with Headquarter and Headquarters Support, MCAS Futenma.

(U.S. Marine Corps photo by Pfc. Kelcey Seymour)

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