Pedro Borunda

Spotlight on You: Pedro Borunda

USO Okinawa Volunteer of the Quarter: Pedro Borunda

published: October 22, 2014

Name: Pedro Borunda
Location: Camp Schwab, Okinawa
Occupation: Field Wireman

When did you first begin volunteering with the USO?
July 5, 2014

How did you hear about us and what made you want to get involved with the USO?
When I first got to the island it was part of my brief, and I really enjoyed being able to help others. And I really want to make a difference in someone else’s life.

How has your experience been so far?
My experience has been, and is still going, great. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to help others. I enjoy being here.

What have you found as your greatest strength as a volunteer?
Getting what needs to be accomplished such as cleaning, keeping it safe, making sure everything is back in place or returned.

What keeps you coming back?
Knowing others are coming back.

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