Private Octavia Little

Spotlight on You: Private Octavia Little

Well done

published: June 02, 2015

Private Octavia Little receives an Army Achievement Medal May 27 for her outstanding efforts at the Torii Tax Center. Col. Eric A. Martinez presented the award along with Command Sgt. Maj. Kelvin A. Broadnax.

"She received numerous accolades from customers, peers and coworkers," said Martinez. "She displayed tremendous dedication to serve the community and assist others by shouldering a heavy workload. Her commitment to duty and her willingness to put Soldiers and Families first demonstrates great potential."

This year, the Torii Tax Center received 100 percent positive feedback from its customers.

"Private Little was a great asset to our tax center on Torii and spent many Saturdays working at our tax center at Kadena [Air Force Base]," said Staff Judge Advocate attorney Rudy A. Wartella, IV.

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