Staff Sgt. Michael Newell

Spotlight on You: Staff Sgt. Michael Newell

Tallahassee-native Embracing Both Worlds, Marine and Musician

by: Lance Cpl. Andy Martinez, III Marine Expeditionary Force | .
published: March 08, 2017

Staff Sgt. Michael Newell, a native of Tallahassee, Florida, began his love and passion for the saxophone at the age of 12. He started practicing in middle school and continued throughout high school. Prior to the Marine Corps, he spent some time at Tallahassee Community College, but decided to pursue his passion for music by joining the Marine Corps and auditioning for a position in the band. This year, Newell is one of the 10 Marine Corps band nominees for the title of Marine Corps Staff Noncommissioned Officer Musician of the Year. “My love for the Marine Corps and playing music has just increased the longer I’ve stayed in.”

(Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Kathy Nunez)

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