Sylvia Maiko Black

by Curtis Kozlesky
USO Okinawa

Name: Sylvia Maiko Black
Position Title: Center Operation Manager
Time worked at USO: July 3rd, 2017 - Present
Center Office location: USO Kinser

Tell Us About Them:

Sylvia Black has been assigned as the Center Operation Birthday Cake (OBC) Coordinator since December 2017 personally delivering over 150 cakes to service personnel at the Center and at their respective unit locations on the Camp. This program offers a unique way in which families celebrate their service members birthdays from an ocean away completing an online form and allowing USO to do the rest.

Sylvia’s outstanding efforts toward this program have received numerous accolades from parents, unit leadership and indeed the deserving recipients. She takes great pride to ensure Marines and sailors are presented their cake as a very special occasion, capturing the event via photos, videos, narratives and subsequent timely posting to our USO Hansen Facebook page. We are very proud of her genuine desire to make every event a memorable one. Well done Sylvia!

1. Why do they love working at the USO?

“It’s all about the connection – learning about our Troops. Where they come from, what they like and about their families back home. I love connecting with the Troops and the USO provides that bridge!”

2. What is their favorite memory of working at the USO?  

“After taking over the OBC program, I’m lucky to have so many amazing memories – one of the memorable one is that of a father and son. The young Marine Lance Corporal was difficult to find so the father and I had many emails back and forth. That’s when I found out he raised his boys as a single father. The father said to me, “He is my son and my best friend!” When I handed the cake to his Marine son, first thing he said, “My father is my best friend!” That look on the Lance Corporal’s face…I will never forget! They will always remain special as I felt that strong connection being a small part through the USO Hansen OBC program! I love doing this!”

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