TSgt William B. Cook Jr

Spotlight on You: TSgt William B. Cook Jr

Dads: We Salute You!

published: June 14, 2016

Name:  William B. Cook Jr.

Age: 33

Years in service: 14

Rank:  TSgt

Years as father:  11 years

Kids: Kayden, 11 years old;   Jordan, 8 years old;

Aubrey, 7 years old; William, 2 years old; 

Adrian, 5 months old

Current Duty Station and job: I am currently stationed at Kadena AB working as the F100 Jet Engine Intermediate Maintenance Production Supervisor.

Q: What are your key responsibilities at work?

A: I supervise Jet Engine Intermediate maintenance on 133 F100-PW-220E engines worth $425 million for 54 F-15 aircraft valued at $2 billion.  In addition, I lead 30 Airmen in completing repairs and installing components and assemblies while preparing engines for block testing.  I also manage time compliance technical orders, one-time inspections, borescope inspections, and replacement of time-change items. Finally, I oversee inspections and care for special tools, hand tools, and test/support equipment valued at $3.2 million for F100 engines.

Q: What are your key responsibilities at home?

A: To obey my wife and agree to everything she says (this method keeps a pretty peaceful house).  Also, to always be physically and mentally fit enough to handle the kids during their 24-hour pre-workout dosages (they never stop going). Oh, did I mention to also be the best husband and father I can possibly be for them?

Q: How do you balance military life with family life?

A: I don’t.  Every day is different and in some days one life may need more attention and dedication than the other.  I just roll with the punches and hope things go well day after day.  I enjoy the challenges that life places before me.  It’s the only way to tell if I’m still alive and how to determine what to be thankful for every day of my life.

Q: How do you keep in touch with family when you are TDY or deployed?

A: The worldwide web big baby!!  I wouldn’t know what to do without Facebook or Instagram!  I am happy that everyone can stay up-to-date with new developments in my life and theirs.


Q: How does the military community support your family?

A: One thing that I have learned about the military community is that it is pro-family.  Other than having a church family, military communities in my opinion are the next best thing!

Q: How do you support your partner whether you are home or deployed?

A: I am her rock and she is mine.  No matter what she needs I am there to support and help her through.  I will be her #1 fan until we both retire from the game (life).

Q: As a military parent, what’s your top priority for your kids?

A: My top priority is discipline and respect because without it, life will be a difficult beast for them to tame.

Q: What are your plans or Father’s Day? 

A: Getting food wasted!!

Q: Anything else you’d like to add? 

A: Happy Father’s Day to all the Papa Bears out there and “Stay thirsty my friends”!

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